Message from the president

We wish to be a professional group continuing to challenge the creation of new value.

Only because our company is reaching 100 years since its foundation, there are circumstances we can realize. The fact that Japanese manufacturing is going to change. The needs of our customers who have traded with us for many years are diversifying. With Japanese common sense alone, we cannot sell products. What is being sought now is sophisticated expertise, flexible thinking and global perspective, that is in short, the ability to create new value.

As a specialized trading company founded in 1922 that earned the trust of many companies supporting Japanese core industry by supplying special steels. From such expressions talking about the traditional ASAI SANGYO, you may conceive words such as "long-established business" and "history." Or you may think of an "old company," a "firm company" and the like -- certainly, there was such a time in the past. We have built a sign called "ASAI of special steel" while taking great importance to respond to customers' requests with the motto "Customer First." However, from now on, we must also let them know our new face. A challenging company, creating unprecedented value with customers. As in the state of manufacturing throughout Japan, ASAI KOGYO is also pursuing the possibilities of new business opportunities.

For example, there is the aluminum and copper business as materials following special steel. The businesses of Mold parts, coating, machine and environmental equipment can improve customers' productivity. Either of them not only to deliver materials, but also provide a solution to coordinate comprehensively from the "technology," "processing" up to "cost design." In Japan we have three companies responsible for processing with advanced technology: ASAI SHOWA specializing in machinery, ASAI FORGING for die forging processing and the Hekinan Processing Center for precision cutting processing; while overseas, we established local subsidiaries with functions such as a trading company, warehouse and cutting processing in Thailand (Ayutaya) and Indonesia (Jakarta). The group as a whole is developing new services responding to changes in society and environment.

What are needed in the future are free ideas without being held back by past experiences, realizable future predictive power only because of grasping the market, and the ability to take actions quickly and reliably by responding to customer requests. The reason why we have promptly promoted the expansion of domestic and overseas businesses in order to "create a comfortable company" is that we wish to be a company capable of enhancing employee professionalism and making appropriate proposals in every area of metals. Please look forward to the future of ASAI SANGYO, a specialist group continuing to challenge the field.


The president 増井 平