Our Strength


Strength of ASAI SANGYO

Since our foundation in 1922, we have kept supporting industries, from textile machinery to automotive, truck and large machine industry fields, and electronics field such as electronic equipment, as "ASAI of Special Steel."

  1. Achievements and trust built throughdirect dealings with leading manufacturers such as steel and automobiles!

  2. Correspond to customers' products consistent with the "on-site & actual-thing principle" since its foundation!

  3. Established Japan's first just-in-time logistics system in the steel field !

  4. Cover a wide range of fields ranging from metal materials such as rolled materials of special steel, polishing materials, aluminum and copper to metal parts such as dies, and metal coating !

  5. Established our own factory to perform precision cutting and processing special steel, aluminum material, etc.
    Expand the functions of group companies, such as casting forging steel product sales and machining processing to provide comprehensive service !